Nov.2 : Secret Psychedelic Loft Party

By chameleo | October 31, 2013

  This Saturday come join us for an epic 3 set Chameleon Project blowout! CP will be performing at The Chillwomb: a private bunker, loft, dance palace and all around groovy space in the west end that has vibe to spare and space to get down. There will be a libations and sweet beats mixed…

Chameleon Project plays on rooftop in Kensignton Market (video)

By chameleo | September 16, 2013

CP played a wicked rooftop set in Kensignton Market this July and video of this epic performance has surfaced. CP in Kensington    

Psychedelic Dubtastic: CP & Resinators (Thurs July 11)

By chameleo | July 3, 2013 presents…. A night of dub, psychedelia and livetronica. The Chameleon Project and the Resinators team up for a jam packed night of deep bass and grooves in outer-space. Expect soul-shaking sets, extended jams and killer cuts mixed by a special guest DJ TBA. This all takes place at the Garrison in Toronto’s ever bustling…

New Videos Released! “Playhouse” & Wako”

By chameleo | June 23, 2013

Playhouse is a new composition, hot off the press and destined to appear on the upcoming Chameleon Project album.  Recorded live at the Silver Dollar in Toronto as a part of cirQular: Origin, this little ditty crackles with life and takes a smooth ride down the psychedelic highway. Please enjoy responsibly and help us spread…

CP plays Kensignton Market Pedestrian Sunday 06/30 (Free Show)

By chameleo | June 23, 2013

The Chameleon Project will be featured at this month’s legendary “Pedestrian Sundays” in Kensington Market.  The last Sunday of each month one of Toronto’s most unique neighbourhoods closes the streets and lets the party happen.  Juggles, bands, amazing food and friendly faces fill the street and the Chameleon Project will be there filling the air…

CP plays OM reuion Solistice campout! Sunday : 06/23/13

By chameleo | June 22, 2013

The Chameleon Project is delighted to be once again returning to the OM Reunion Solstice festival. This one of a kind community week long event features community workshops, communal kitchen, great DJs and heady vibes. The Project will close the festival out on Sunday 06/23 and memberships are required to attend. Expect a lengthy psychedelic…

Stereoscopic Review

By | June 13, 2013

By Cheryl Thompson The Chameleon Project is a local Toronto-based drum & bass/dub band. With the release of Stereoscopic, they hope to encroach upon the burgeoning electronic scene in the city. An instrumental album, Stereoscopic has just the right mix of drum & bass and rub-a-dub style beats to keep things interesting. No doubt, this…

CirQular presents Origin: Silver Dollar (Sat 03/16)

By chameleo | June 13, 2013

[Music: David Starfire, Desert Dwellers, Chameleon Project, Fritz the Cat, dBoom, MF, Purrpelle, Splattermonkey Performance: Epoch Apex, No Parachute Theatre, The Blinky Brigade] cirQlar’s 3rd Annual Equinox Celebration comes to life in homage to the origins of the psychedelic movement and the deep roots that form Toronto’s underground dance community. On March 16th, we’ll take…

CBC “Big city small world” review of “Live at Camp Bisco” EP

By chameleo | June 13, 2013

Look what the CBC’s Errol Nazareth is saying about the Chameleon Project “Sebastian Buccioni, Josh Laing, Craig Halliday and ‘Snappy Homefry’ tag their music ‘psychedelic dance with jazz roots’ but I think it does them a disservice. Sure, they dabble with psychedelia and yes, many of them are professionally-trained jazz musicians who love improvising, but… presents 420 Reggae Jam – Sat April 20th w.Chameleon Project

By chameleo | March 22, 2013 presents 420 Reggae Jam – Sat April 20th Toronto’s Dub/Reggae scene bands together for a special celebration for roots and culture.  Chameleon Project are hot off shows at CirQlar & Camp Bisco, House of David Gang gaining strong exposure on airways with their band new CD “Reggae Warrior” and Resinators, Canada’s original live […]