Stereoscopic Review

By Cheryl Thompson

The Chameleon Project is a local Toronto-based drum & bass/dub band. With the release of Stereoscopic, they hope to encroach upon the burgeoning electronic scene in the city. An instrumental album, Stereoscopic has just the right mix of drum & bass and rub-a-dub style beats to keep things interesting. No doubt, this group, which consists of Tryone Caissie, drums; Jamie Kidd, bass; Adam Hutchison, keys and Josh Laing, guitar/sampling, would lay down a killer live set. This album would make a great ambience setter to an evening with friends or a chill-out backdrop to a lounge atmosphere. Not yet signed to a nation-wide distribution label, Stereoscopic is only available online on the band’s website. There’s a light shinning at the end of the Chameleon Project’s tunnel — they’re just waiting for the fans to flick the switch. So, turn on the light as this group is worth a closer look. (Independent)