->Psychedelic dance music

The Toronto-based livetronica phenom Chameleon Project blurs the line between electronic and organic sounds to create a psychedelic dance party that stimulates the senses.  Fusing elements of groove-based jazz, electronica, funk, disco, dub, reggae, and experimental rock, the music is both intelligent and visceral.   Live shows bring something new every time as the band weaves classic breaks into vivid soundscapes.   Shows are expansions on the band’s tightly arranged studio tracks, thoughtful experiments featuring unexpected improvisations layered with unique timbres, otherworldly vocal samplings, and heavy, tight beats.

Often compared to such disparate bands as Bonobo, Medeski Martin and Wood, STS9, John Scofield, Thievery Corporation, Soulive, and the Disco Biscuits, The Chameleon Project mixes elements of the past with modern innovations into a signature style that is full of infectious, syncopated grooves.  Combining the dissonance of jazz and the liquidity of electronica, the music is a truly chromatophoric experience, frequently changing tonal colors much like the amphibian for which the band is named.

With a focus on rhythm and texture, the band centers around Snappy Homefry on bass and Kevin Lee on drums (and samples).  Band founder Josh Laing provides melodic interest on guitar, FX and real-time sampling, and Jordan Quinn rounds out the sound on keys.  Avid students of music history and theory, this introspective group paints with a diversely curated palette to create a sound that expands on their respect for past masters and forge something totally new.

From playing a rave at some underground warehouse to a jamband festival, The Chameleon Project has attracted fans from across the spectrum.  With the recent release of their album “Funk n’ Space” (2016), the band regularly tours Canada and the Northeast US.  They have shared the stage with Lotus, Bassnectar, Keller Williams, EOTO, DJ Shadow, and The New Deal, to name a few. Their festival chops include Camp Bisco, Evolve, Freedom Festival, Illumination Festival and the NuJazz Festival.

Combining the authenticity of live music with the psyche of electronica, The Chameleon Project adds a human element to traditional electronica.  Their shows are pulsating dance parties whose energy is contagious.  This is music for your mind, and your body.