Dec.7th: The Tri∆ngle Project Presents: Yoshi And Chie, The Owl Eyes Project, Chameleon Project, Chi∆sma


Are you ready to bring in the winter? Neither are we! So come out for The Tri∆ngle Project’s Toronto Premier at ROUND venue, featuring the best live music acts from Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto! We’re gonna make you sweat a bit before the deep chill of 2014!

The Tri∆ngle Project is bringing you multifaceted entertainment including live art, body and face painting, ONLY the sexiest burlesque, wholesome raw vegan treats, and the top local talent on the decks! Bring your dancing shoes!


Advanced Tickets Now Available!! ♥

Advanced: $12.50

Door: More


Check the crazy lineup!

9 pm: Yoshi Chie Kaminari

Yoshi & Chie plays haunting melodies on the Sitar and Didgeridoo bridging the gap between traditional instruments and electronica.

KAMINARI (as known as Yoshi & Chie) are instrumental duo, exploring and creating a new synthesis in sound which takes us beyond the borders of both East and West. Haunting melodies on the Sitar and Didgeridoo soar over driving global rhythms. They have continued to refine there awesome talent for fusion, mixing meditative classical Indian ragas with highly energetic compositions, modern cutting-edge sounds and grooves, to create a music both distinctive and unique.

10 pm: The Owl Eyes Project, Ottawa: Riff-driven acoustic rock with earth-inspired lyrics, soulful harmonies, and thunderous percussion

11 pm: The Chameleon Project, Toronto

Armed with a bass-heavy material, daring improvisations and mind-bending tonal colors the Chameleon Project has crafted a unique sound over its 10yr history. Skillfully weaving elements of dub, jazz, disco, and psychedelia into an intoxicating brew, the Project has been regularly astounding audiences by taking listeners to sonic places, yet uncharted in the realms of dance music.

12 pm: Chi∆sma, Montreal

Chi∆sma is a crossing; it is the meeting place of three well-seasoned musicians, whose combined vision forms a synergy of electronic dance music and old world folk. With carefully arranged violin, acoustic guitar, and piano, rich vocal harmonies, and an ever-evolving system of digital control, Chi∆sma is a true intertwining of the organic and the electronic – an ethereal acoustic trance against the landscape of a beat-driven EDM.

1 am: Tminus Thomas

The Round (Venue) 152 Augusta Ave.

  • With burlesque by the RAVISHING Disco Volante
  • Belly Dancing by the ENCHANTING Stacie Noel
  • Face and body art by Paul Zulauf
  • Crazyawesome lighting, fog and visuals by Kai Bosch

Live art by Andrew Dobs: An emerging multifaceted talent from Ottawa; artist, painter, draftsman, designer, graffuturist.

And when our little soiree at ROUND venue finishes, we have a secret location afterparty so we can all boogie till dawn! ♥