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Like the chromataphoric creature that gives Toronto’s Chameleon Project its name, Funk N’ Space changes colours from funk and psychedelia to dub, jazz, and disco — taking listeners to outer space and back with heavy bass, daring improvisations and mind-bending tonal colours. The album is the result of three years of vision and collaboration between bandleader, guitarist and F/X master Josh Laing, the band and producer/bassist extraordinaire Snappy Homefry at Playhouse Studios in Toronto.

“Funk N Space” is the most sonically advanced album Chameleon Project has ever produced,” says Laing. We’re proud of how our song writing and sound have evolved, and people who have heard the new record, comment on how much impact the new music has and how they’ve never heard anything like it.  Creatively, we focused on “out of this world” themes and narratives with songs like; Bigfoot and the Kraken, along with psychedelic experiences and journeys into the center of the mind.  Our goal has been to blur the line between live instrumentation and electronic music. “We feel this hybrid is a real vision of the future that brings together the traditions of the past with the sounds of the future.”