Stereoscopic Review

By Cheryl Thompson The Chameleon Project is a local Toronto-based drum & bass/dub band. With the release of Stereoscopic, they hope to encroach upon the burgeoning electronic scene in the city. An instrumental album, Stereoscopic has just the right mix of drum & bass and rub-a-dub style beats to keep things interesting. No doubt, this…

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CBC “Big city small world” review of “Live at Camp Bisco” EP

Look what the CBC’s Errol Nazareth is saying about the Chameleon Project “Sebastian Buccioni, Josh Laing, Craig Halliday and ‘Snappy Homefry’ tag their music ‘psychedelic dance with jazz roots’ but I think it does them a disservice. Sure, they dabble with psychedelia and yes, many of them are professionally-trained jazz musicians who love improvising, but…

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