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Funk ‘n’ Space review by the Scene (London, ON)

Chameleon Project: Funk ‘N’ Space There’s many bands out there attempting a fusion of music styles known as ‘space funk’ but the genre these days is lled to over owing with those musicians who insist in tackling this tricky kind of sonic terrain without rst making sure they have the feel for the stu in…

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June 6th: Funk ‘n’ Space: London CD Launch Party

Take a journey through space and time at this Good Vibes Only  psychedelic dance party!  $10 / 19+ June 6th, 10pm Blackshire Pub It is a little known fact that astronauts commonly listen to Chameleon Project and Chartreuse Music during spaceflight to keep their spirits lifted! They say that the moon parties are out of this world, too!  For this…

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