->Psychedelic dance music

Since 2003, Toronto-based Livetronica jam-band Chameleon Project has been blending both electronic and organic instrumentation to create psychedelic dancefloor odysseys that stimulate the senses of followers across Canada and the United States.

“a four piece who can blend into different musical guises without ever surrendering certain key parts of their sound – namely melody, instrumental excellence, and a vivid production style...”

-  Bradley Johnson, GASHOUSERADIO.COM

By distilling the essential elements of acid jazz, drum & bass, dub/reggae, rock, funk and disco, Chameleon Project mixes intoxicating auditory blends that are both intelligent and visceral. With the authenticity of a musical performance and the psyche of electronic dance, CP experiments with unique timbres, sampling, full bodied bass, and heavy, intricate beats. Often compared to Bonobo, Medeski Martin and Wood, STS9, and the Disco Biscuits, Chameleon Project delivers a signature style full of infectious, syncopated grooves.

A Chameleon Project show is both head-nod and foot-loose, a resplendently pulsating dance party where positive energy is contagious.